Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Autumn's Message

The leaves fall like snow
Orange and gold trinkets
Back to the earth,
Winter whispers "I'm coming..."
But not before the decay
Revitalizing the land for the next year,
The squirrels gather their nuts,
Birds fly away to warmer homes,
Rebirth, renewal
A reminder to let things go.
I feel a melancholy saying goodbye,
To the trees that gave me shade,
And the flowers I watched bees polinate,
The colours of October will fade away
To the grey and white December days
But I will always dream of autumns tapestry
And wish I could fly away like the dancing leaves,
Back to the earth...
Someday, we all will become an autumn day
On the precipice of the frost giants and eternal slumber,
I can only hope I made a difference in this world
The way the falling leaves made to me. 

Monday, 4 October 2021

I am worthy

My curse came suddenly
But really it spanned 
My entire existence,
Unknown to me
I've been going in reverse
Holding myself up to some standard
I can never meet,
My worth should not be based on my ability
But we live in a society
Where we value others because 
Of their income,
The size of their house,
Or by what society has deemed as pretty,
I am worthy to be here 
I deserve to take up space.

Friday, 9 July 2021

The Emergency for Urgency

The west is burning 
It's a climate emergency
Yet they bail out oil companies
And animal factories,
Ripping down ancient forests
Trees older than the oldest human being
To put in golf courses
So the wealthy can live the dream,
How far have we come?
Or rather how far will we fall? 
While the world's on fire
And glaciers are melting 
People and animals are dying
But there seems to be no sense of urgency,
A worldwide virus wasn't enough? 
Catastrophe upon tragedy,
Mass graves finally uncovered after decades
Even though indigenous people have been pleading for generations, 
They were children! 
Sons and daughters of innocence
And someone needs to pay,
Burn the churches,
And their crosses,
The Holy don't burn babies
They forced me to confess my sins
But those preachers can't express their own,
Government reconciliation means nothing
When inaction is all we see
Lowering flags is a symbol
Not change, not what we need,
There's still no clean water on many reservations
But we can build pipelines through their land
Priorities are twisted
And we need to shift it,
Will resolution ever come?
Will they ever put the people over profit? 
We live in a capitalistic nightmare
But have they forgot? 
You can't eat money... 
And mother earth won't be ignored. 

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Nature Queen

I'm friends with the trees
The flowers and plants are my sister's
And our friendship grows each day,
I belong with the ocean
Or near her shores
My roots grow in the sand
And the waves swallow me whole,
My feet are roots
Tethered to the dirt
Creeping their way deeper and deeper
Beneath the surface,
The sky is my future
But also my envy
I wish I could fly like my birds of a feather
Soaring over the mountains,
The lakes, rivers, brooks and streams
Fill my cup when empty
Washing away the grief
Reminding me to keep moving,
The moths and butterflies
Spiders and beetles
Are brothers of another world
Living in tiny forests
Droplets are pools to thee,
Giant footsteps
Please tread with care
"We are here" they whisper,
The burning stars, the planets spinning
Galaxies of far off mystery
A universe vast and unending
Reminders of how small we are,
Just like those ants you crush
We are microscopic to the moon, 
The Earth is my mother
Every animal my brethren
The nature Queen is
Never lonely surrounded by my family. 

Friday, 30 April 2021


Deep beneath the earth
Life runs limitless
Not just worms or insects
But a force
Connected to us all
Our ancestors
The people we envy and those we seek
Bones, fossils and dirt
Nourishing the trees,
Growing our lifeforce
The plants we eat
The foliage that heals
Beneath canyons
Between fields
Deep within the ocean abyss
Life is everywhere
Every root connected
In perfect synchronicity
Through life, comes death
And so the cycle begins again
You never die
You just become something new
Maybe it is just the beginning
And we are mere illusion
A dream within a dream


Hurricane candlelight
Dimly coats my apartment walls
with soft reflections
The wind howls
And the rain pounds
I find myself deep in introspection
My favourite tree fell to its death
Down she came like a hammer on a nail
Crushing the fence lining the playground
I could hear birds in the centres eye
Perhaps for their lost home
I imagine the shoreline is rough
Surges, 10 foot waves
Crashing rocks and boardwalks

Dorian's forces
Felt halfway across the world
Devestation felt near and far
Mother nature shows no mercy today
And I can't blame her... 
Climate change deniers
Should feel her wrath
But their excuses are great and immense
While the poor have to pick up the pieces
Until water fills our streets
And it's too hot to breath
Storms angrier and more frequent

Deny all you want 
It won't change the inevitable
You can't eat money
And you can't drink oil
The earth will have the last laugh
As she spits on your grave

Written September 7, 2019

Sink or Swim

Lay back
Or stand
Wishes seem cold
Like selfish corridors
Brined with sinister smiles
She bathed in pools of apathy
Fostered in some thickened fog
Murky waters didn't stop the longing
Sink or swim 
She chose the latter
Soft and sweet
Hard and bitter
Tasteless and grey
She still enraptured the world.